YouTube Has Pulled That Jump Scare Ad for 'The Nun' for Violating Its "Shocking Content Policy" - Bloody Disgusting
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YouTube Has Pulled That Jump Scare Ad for ‘The Nun’ for Violating Its “Shocking Content Policy”



In the world of horror movies, this is actually the best possible press.

As we told you just yesterday, a YouTube ad for Corin Hardy’s The Nun got a lot of people talking this week, mostly because it scared the crap out of them. It was one of those “this is playing before the video you’re watching and you can’t skip it” type of ads, punctuated by a loud jump scare featuring the film’s terrifying title character.

Apparently, it was just *too* scary.

Replying to Twitter user @bbydvas, whose tweet warning the internet about the ad went viral, Team YouTube has announced that the ad has been removed for violating the site’s “shocking content policy.” They tweeted, “Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! This ad violates our shocking content policy and it’s no longer running as an ad.”

If you missed it, you can watch the banned YouTube ad below!

Say your prayers as The Nun returns on September 7, 2018.

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