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‘The Happytime Murders’ is a Box Office Fart Joke



STX’s Brian Henson-directed R-rated puppet comedy The Happytime Murders failed to turn on audiences at the box office and ended up a bad fart joke. With an estimated budget reported around $40M, the Melissa McCarthy-starrer earned an abysmal estimated $10M domestically. Unless there’s some sort of surprise overseas, the film is looking at a major loss as it needs to hit – give or take – $150M worldwide just to break even. It would be easy to blame STX’s marketing, only they didn’t have any good footage to work with, which was not only proven by the weak second trailer, but the rash of negative reviews over the opening weekend (our own Scott Weinberg called it “ugly, mean-spirited, and severely unfunny”).

The Meg continues to tread water, now topping $400M worldwide on its ridiculous $130M-180M reported budget. It needs to top $500M worldwide for Warner Bros. to even think about a sequel, which would need a drastic trim to the budget. As of this writing, it’s pulled in another $13M this weekend for $105M domestically, with another $32M being reported overseas ($303M total). It currently sits at $408M worldwide. If the budget weren’t so high, this would have been a huge success story. For now, we’ll sit back and wait to see if it can make it back to shore.

Sony Screen Gems’ Slender Man continues to be a missed opportunity. Castrated just before release, the Creepypasta-inspired horror film is a quiet surprise for the company. With a reported budget of around $10M, the Sylvain White-directed haunter is sitting around $33M worldwide after hauling in $8M internationally. While it’s not a success story, at the very least it’s going to break even. Can you imagine if Screen Gems actually supported the title as to how big it may have actually been? I could see the studio giving it another go or at least turning this into a direct-to-video/VOD franchise.

Thanks to ERC Box Office for the numbers.

Joey King (Wren) and Julia Goldani-Telles (Hallie) in Screen Gems’ Slender Man.

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