Well Go USA Just Paid a Shit Load of Money for 'Freaks' Out of the TIFF Premiere - Bloody Disgusting
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Well Go USA Just Paid a Shit Load of Money for ‘Freaks’ Out of the TIFF Premiere



Well Go USA just paid a ridiculous $2 million for Freaks, the debut film from Zach Lipovsky and Adam B Stein.  The two wrote and directed as well as produced the dark sci-fi thriller, which had its World Premiere in the Discovery section at this year’s ongoing Toronto International Film Festival.  Rights include North America, UK, Australia/New Zealand, and Latin America.

Bloody Disgusting’s Rafael Motamayer reviewed the “kitchen sink” genre film that he called “claustrophobic and twisty.”

Starring Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Amanda Crew and introducing Lexy Kolker:

“In the inventive mystery, a disturbed father (Hirsch) locks his 7-year-old daughter in a house, warning her of grave dangers outside. But the mysterious Mr. Snowcone (Dern) convinces the girl to escape and join him on a profound quest for family, freedom, and revenge.”

Here’s the festival trailer that looks like Lenny Abrahamson’s indie hit Room, only with a supernatural twist.

Freaks will get a theatrical release in 2019.

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