[Image] KNB FX Created a Michael Myers Mask for 'Baby Driver,' But the Film Never Got Permission to Use It - Bloody Disgusting
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[Image] KNB FX Created a Michael Myers Mask for ‘Baby Driver,’ But the Film Never Got Permission to Use It



There’s a fun scene in Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver that pays homage to the Halloween franchise, with one of the film’s characters accidentally picking up Austin Powers “Mike Myers” masks for a heist, instead of the “Michael Myers” masks that were requested. “It should be the Halloween mask,” Jamie Foxx’s character screams. “The killer dude from Halloween!

As it turns out, that scene was originally supposed to feature a couple Michael Myers masks!

Makeup master Greg Nicotero just shared a fun behind the scenes anecdote on his Instagram, revealing that his KNB team had created a new Myers mask for the scene.

One of my favorite jokes that didn’t make the final cut of Edgar Wright’s brilliant BABY DRIVER was the scene when our “heroes” were sitting in the car talking about the need for a Michael Myers “Halloween” mask and the gag was supposed to be two of them were wearing the mask from the horror film Halloween and one of them was wearing an Austin Powers mask,” Nicotero explains. “I thought it was really funny and very very clever so we created this mask (sculpted by Garrett Immel) for the movie and unfortunately were unable to get permission to use it so the mask sits proudly on a zombie bust in my office!

Check out the unused KNB mask below, along with the film’s “Mike Myers” scene.

UPDATE: After we hit publish on this, Wright himself chimed in with more info…

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