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Looks Like Writing Has Begun On ‘Creep 3’!



If found footage film Creep seemed like a one-and-done concept, last year’s Creep 2 proved that Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass have a bonafide franchise on their hands with Duplass’ Josef/Aaron, an insanely creepy and fascinating dude who is fast becoming a new horror icon. And it’s looking like Duplass will get his creep on again in a third installment!

Over on Twitter, Duplass tweeted today that writing has begun on Creep 3!

Last October, director Patrick Brice told Phantom Podcast Network that a third installment would take the franchise completely off the rails.

I like the idea of, if we do a third movie, it being our Army of Darkness. Ya know. Going kind of off the rails. We’ll see,” he told the podcast.

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