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Adam Green Says Victor Crowley Will Return in Future ‘Hatchet’ Sequels



Adam Green‘s Hatchet was a pretty big deal when it came out in 2006. Much like Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses, Hatchet was one of the first films to feature horror legends from the past (Robert Englund, Tony Todd and Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley), only this time in a completely independent film. It also wielded incredible practical effects and a light-hearted tone in a time when everything released was cold and heartless (think films like Captivity). It was perfectly timed for us genre fans and earned its place in horror history. However, none of the sequels have delivered, with each and every one digressing into last year’s awful Victor Crowley. Opinions aside, it was allegedly a success for Green and distributor Dark Sky Films as the director is promising more sequels (presumably starring Danielle Harris, who randomly appeared at the end of the last film).

In a new interview to hype Hatchet‘s premiere on UK’s Horror Channel this Friday, Green reveals that Crowley – who was shredded by an airplane jet engine – will be back.

“A major reason why the Hatchet sequels have succeeded is that they were planned out from the very start,” Green reveals. “In the first film, I actually showed some of the weapons that Victor Crowley wouldn’t actually use until the later films and I held back crucial elements of his mythology to be revealed later on down the road. Of course, it was also a risky move given that there was no way of knowing if I’d ever get to make the sequels.

“Originally I had only planned for Hatchet to be a trilogy, but when I decided to bring Victor Crowley back for more I planned out another complete roadmap for where it could all go,” he continued.

“With the success of Victor Crowley (Hatchet 4) it looks like I’ll once again be able to make the sequels I have planned.

“I’ve been able to stay in love with Victor Crowley because I only head back into his swamp when I’m ready to do so. Given that Hatchet is a cult franchise and not a studio property, my crew and I have always been able to make each film only when we want to.”

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