The "Cheddar Goblin" from 'Mandy' is Becoming an Oddball Horror Icon and We're Totally Okay With It - Bloody Disgusting
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The “Cheddar Goblin” from ‘Mandy’ is Becoming an Oddball Horror Icon and We’re Totally Okay With It



This little green fucker needs his own spinoff movie. ASAP.

Released into limited theaters and on VOD this past weekend, Panos Cosmatos’s Mandy is one of the hottest topics of discussion on “Film Twitter” right now, and it’s not hard to see why. The cosmic, crazier cousin of Drive Angry, Mandy feels like the truly unforgettable Nicolas Cage genre film we’ve been building towards, casting Cage in the role of a badass dude on a quest to brutally avenge the murder of his girlfriend. In the second half, Mandy becomes a full-on Cagesploitation flick, bloody as can be and visually striking the whole way through.

And then there’s Cheddar Goblin, the icing on top of this particular cake.

At one point during the film, Nicolas Cage (in his underwear, it must be noted) pauses to watch a bizarre commercial on TV, one that promotes a faux brand of mac & cheese called “Cheddar Goblin.” The mascot for the brand is the so-called Cheddar Goblin, a green creature puppet that looks ripped straight out of the 1980s. Mandy, after all, is indeed set in the ’80s!

In the crazy commercial, the Cheddar Goblin vomits mac & cheese all over children, and it’s no secret why he’s fast becoming something of a horror icon on the internet. In fact, the Cheddar Goblin even has his own Twitter account (@CheddarGoblin), home to information about the film as well as fun in-character tweets from the little green guy himself…

Someone even made a Cheddar Goblin toy! Who’s brave enough to get a tattoo?!

Believe it or not, Cheddar Goblin does have his own official merchandise, including a beanie hat and replica boxes of his mac & cheese. Both items can be yours by purchasing the “Mandy Viewing Party Box” through Legion M, which will cost you $30 and also includes movie still mini posters, temporary tattoos, coasters, party tips, drink recipes, and soundtrack codes.

Fun Fact: The Cheddar Goblin commercial was created by Chris Casper Kelly, the man behind Too Many Cooks!

As it turns out, a mac & cheese-vomiting ’80s goblin is precisely the hero we all needed in 2018. He’s this year’s Black Phillip, and 2018 is instantly better because he’s part of it.

But seriously. Mandy rules. Don’t miss it. Preferably with a crowd.

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