[Trailer] Val Kilmer is Incredibly Creepy and Barely Recognizable in 'The Super' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Trailer] Val Kilmer is Incredibly Creepy and Barely Recognizable in ‘The Super’



From producer Dick Wolf, the creator of “Law & Order,” and one of the writers of Black Swan comes Stephan Rick’s The Super, a thriller that Saban recently set for release on October 19.

Today brings the trailer, introducing star Val Kilmer as a super creepy maintenance man who *may* be behind a rash of disappearances at an apartment building in New York City…

“The Super centers on the mysterious disappearance of several tenants at a luxury New York City apartment building. Phil Lodge, the building’s new superintendent and a former NYPD officer, immediately suspects Walter (Kilmer), the strange maintenance man. With his daughters’ lives on the line, Phil must decipher the cryptic riddles in which Walter speaks to solve the disappearances before it’s too late.”

Patrick John Flueger stars alongside Kilmer.

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