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Writers Compare That Joker and Harley Quinn Spinoff to ‘Bad Santa’



If this is all getting a little too confusing, let’s simplify things for ya. Next year, Todd Phillips brings a whole new Joker to the screen in, well, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn is leading spinoff film Birds of Prey, while a Harley/Joker Suicide Squad spinoff is also currently in the works.

The latter film has been penned by Bad Santa writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and the duo just dished new details in a chat with Metro… comparing the tone to that of Bad Santa.

It is great,” Ficarra told the site. “We had so much fun, I don’t know if we have had more fun writing a script in our career. It was sort of like, we wrote Bad Santa a couple of years ago, and it was that sensibility mixed with our This Is Us sensibility. We kind of meshed them together. We were doing a relationship movie but with the sensibility of Bad Santa… fucked up, mentally deranged people.”

He added, revealing some strange plot details, “The whole thing starts with Harley kidnapping Dr Phil. Played by Dr Phil hopefully. Because her and the Joker are having problems with their relationship.”

Ficarra also noted that the script has been handed in and the folks in charge over at DC loved it, but even they have no idea when it’s actually going to become a top priority.

I know that they want to do Birds Of Prey and they want to do Todd’s Joker film first,” Ficarra told the site. “Maybe if Birds Of Prey goes well, ours will be next.”

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