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[Images] Check Out the “Emissary Predators” That Were Ultimately Cut from ‘The Predator’



In the theatrical release of Shane Black’s The Predator, there are only two Predators: the “Fugitive Predator,” who turned his back on his fellow creatures and set off to Earth in a bid to save humanity and bring them the “Predator Killer,” and the “Ultimate Predator,” a massive upgraded beast that serves as the film’s primary antagonist.

But originally, there were going to be two other Predators in the film, both of which were left on the cutting room floor. The two “Emissary Predators” were seemingly going to join forces with the humans to take down the “Ultimate Predator,” but that entire portion of the film (which presumably involved Edward James Olmos’ character) was excised.

Co-designer/creature builder Tom Woodruff explains in The Predator: The Art and Making of the Film, “In our earliest meetings with Shane, he brought us some ideas that we wanted to see explored. For the two ‘new’ Predator characters, he initially said, ‘Let’s think of them as scientists.’ At one point, they were going to have the equivalent of a lab coat in the Predator world. They would look like they are helping this contingent of American soldiers or think tank.

Our friends over at AvP Galaxy just got their hands on a handful of set photos of the two “Emissary Predators,” which you can check out below. Here’s hoping we get deleted scenes!

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