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George Romero Left Behind 50 Scripts and Even a Complete Movie You’ve Never Seen



We lost George A. Romero just over one year ago, and it’s a loss we’ll be feeling until the end of time. Romero, it goes without saying, was one of the all-time greats in the horror space, completely changing the game and bringing to the table some of the very best the genre has *ever* had to offer. And we may not have seen the last of Romero’s contributions.

Speaking with, the late horror master’s wife, Suzanne Desrocher-Romero, has just teased that Romero left behind both scripts and even a never-seen film!

George has many scripts. We have very many scripts that he’s written. And so, you just never know what’s gonna pop up,” Desrocher-Romero told the site. “[Road of the Dead] is in the works, I think. I think it’s sputtered a little bit, but we’ll see what happens. But we have a lot.

She continued, “George was a prolific writer. He loved to write, and we have 40, 50 scripts that he’s written, and a lot of it is very good. He had a lot to say, and he still does, because I’m gonna make sure that he does. It’s my mission.”

What about that completed film, you ask? It was shot back in 1973, and will soon be released!

We have a film that he shot in 1973 that most people haven’t seen. A handful of people have seen this film,” Desrocher-Romero explained. “We’re gonna restore it, and we’re gonna show it to Romero cinephiles. It’s a scary movie, but it’s not a horror movie, and it’s about ageism. Anyway, he has a cameo in it, and it’ll be fun. And we’ll show the movie, or get it distributed. It’ll be a project that the foundation’s gonna do. I think it’s the first project we’re gonna do actually.”

She added, “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t wait to see it.’ And I go, ‘It’s not a zombie movie now, remember.’ And what’s also terrific is that you see his footprint. You see how he shoots and the story. It’s a unique find. I’m so happy I have it.”

As we told you earlier this year, George Romero’s unfinished novel The Living Dead is also being completed in the wake of his passing, set for release sometime next year.


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