John Carpenter Slams Upcoming 'Big Trouble in Little China' Sequel in the Most John Carpenter Way Possible - Bloody Disgusting
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John Carpenter Slams Upcoming ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Sequel in the Most John Carpenter Way Possible



We had learned a few years back that Dwayne Johnson was going to be producing and starring in a remake of John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China, presumably playing a new take on Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton. But then an update came earlier this year, revealing that it’s actually going to be a *sequel*, with Johnson playing a new main character.

Let’s recap.

There’s a lot of things going on with [Big Trouble in Little China]. We are in the process of developing that, and let me tell you, the idea is not to actually remake Big Trouble in Little China,” producer Hiram Garcia told Collider in August. “You can’t remake a classic like that, so what we’re planning to do is we’re going to continue the story. We’re going to continue the universe of Big Trouble in Little China. Everything that happened in the original exists and is standalone and I think there’s only one person that could ever play Jack Burton, so Dwayne would never try and play that character. So we are just having a lot of fun.”

Garcia continued, “We’re actually in a really great space with the story that we’ve cracked. But yeah, no remake. It is a continuation, and we are deep into development on that as well, and I think you’ll start hearing some things about that probably soon.

This week, original Big Trouble director John Carpenter has offered his own thoughts in a chat with Cinema Blend, and as always, the horror master was brutally honest…

“They want a movie with Dwayne Johnson. That’s what they want,” Carpenter told the site. “So they just picked that title. They don’t give a shit about me and my movie. That movie wasn’t a success.”

We love you, John Carpenter. Never stop being exactly the way you are.

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