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LeBron James In Talks to Produce ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot [Exclusive]



LeBron James is slashing his way through Hollywood.

Having already attached himself to produce the hotly anticipated sequel to Space Jam, the active NBA superstar-turned-producer is heading to Camp Crystal Lake.

Bloody Disgusting is exclusively hearing that James and his SpringHill Entertainment is currently in talks with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a reboot of Friday the 13th.

After Halloween’s mega $70M+ opening this past weekend, a new Friday the 13th is a no-brainer, especially when you consider James’ popularity combined with the massive horror experience of Vertigo, who was behind last year’s Stephen King adaptation of IT, as well as The Ring, The Strangers, and The Grudge.

This is a match made in heaven. James is said to be a huge horror fan and, if you recall, James slayed last year’s Halloween with his legendary Pennywise costume and even released Friday the 13th-themed sneakers. (There was also that one time he rocked a Jason Voorhees mask while driving.)

This news comes on the heels of original Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller prevailing out of a lengthy legal battle in which U.S. District Court Judge Stefan Underhill granted summary judgment in favor of Miller and against the producers, Horror, Inc. While the latter is appealing, Miller currently has the U.S. rights to Friday the 13th, which include the locations and characters within the story.

In the 1980 film directed by Sean S. Cunningham, a mother gets revenge on camp counselors after their neglect results in the death of her son, Jason.

With the powerhouses involved in the next film, we’re looking at what could become the biggest horror film of all time.


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Riding around masked up! Hahaha. S/O Jason Voorhees

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