Unused Prop for Alternate Ending Suggests 'The Predator' Almost Tied Itself into the 'Alien' Franchise - Bloody Disgusting
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Unused Prop for Alternate Ending Suggests ‘The Predator’ Almost Tied Itself into the ‘Alien’ Franchise



We know that The Predator was at one point going to end *way* differently, with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the franchise for a cameo appearance that never happened because, well, Arnold really wasn’t interested in doing it. Schwarzenegger didn’t care to reprise the role of Dutch for a mere cameo in the film, so it never ended up happening.

Instead, the film ends with Boyd Holbrook finding himself a badass new Predator-killing exo-suit in the form of the Iron Man-style “Predator Killer,” but a highly interesting unused prop from the production suggests that the film’s ending was originally going to tie The Predator into the Alien franchise; the two franchises, of course, have linked up in the past.

Images of the prop have been shared by artists Sara Villarreal and Jon K. Miller on Instagram (via AvP Galaxy), and it’s a FaceHugger-inspired breathing mask with the “Weyland Yutani” logo on it! Villarreal and Miller both refer to the mask as a “FaceHugger breathing apparatus” that they helped design for an “alternate ending” to Shane Black’s film.

At this time, we have no idea if this was supposed to be part of the Arnold ending or a different one entirely, but we’ll do some more digging. To say the least, very interesting!

Scroll through each of the Instagram embeds below to see more images.

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