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Well, At Least Horror Didn’t Get Completely Shut Out of Golden Globes Nominations…



The nominations for next year’s 76th Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning, and we suppose it should’ve come as no big surprise that the horror genre, despite having one hell of a 2018, barely had any representation on the list. Nope, Toni Collette was not nominated for Best Actress, nor did Hereditary or its writer/director land any nominations.

Many felt that Collette was a sure-thing for a Golden Globe nomination this year, likely even an Oscar nomination, so it is somewhat of a surprise that she didn’t make the cut. Collette, who won a Golden Globe for United States of Tara and was nominated for both Little Miss Sunshine and Muriel’s Wedding, turned in one of this year’s best tour-de-force performances in Hereditary, but it’s certainly not uncommon for major awards ceremonies to flat out ignore the horror genre. Even given that track record, a truly baffling exclusion all the same.

But the news isn’t all bad, we suppose. It’s at least worth noting that John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place landed a nomination for Best Original Score – Motion Picture (Marco Beltrami), which was the genre’s sole nomination for next year’s ceremony. Kind of humorous/ironic that a movie inherently devoid of sound was nominated for its sound, eh?!

In any event, well deserved. You can listen to one of Beltrami’s nominated tracks below.

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