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[Exclusive] Watch a Never Before Seen Deleted Scene from ‘Night of the Demons 3’!



We told you last week that The Party’s Just Begun: The Legacy of Night of the Demons is currently being funded through Indiegogo, a documentary from Dead Mouse Productions LTD, Cult Screenings UK LTD and Michael Perez Productions that’ll bring you back to Hull House with exclusive cast interviews, behind the scenes material and more, covering the entire franchise.

One of the selling points of the doc is that it’ll include several never-before-seen deleted scenes from each of the films, and we’ve been provided with one from Night of the Demons 3!

Writer Kevin Tenney explained the deleted scene to us, “This scene was meant to add more to the Holly character’s backstory. She had a near death experience as a child which was setting up why Angela had such an interest in her soul later on. It suggested that Holly’s soul was ancient somehow and very powerful. We ended up cutting this and changing Angela’s interest in Holly’s soul because she was a virgin. I can’t remember now why this scene was cut. The acting’s pretty good. In retrospect, I wish we’d kept it in the finished film.

Check out the scene below and head over to Indiegogo to pitch in!

Night of the Demons premiered in 1988, spawning 2 sequels as well as a remake in 2009 – this documentary covers each film extensively with interviews from the cast and crew.

Fully supported by original director Kevin Tenney and hosted exclusively by Amelia Kinkade, returning once again as the evil Angela, this documentary will unearth the behind the scenes shenanigans of the making of the original trilogy and 2009’s remake. With behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and crew and a wealth of never-before-seen interviews, ‘The Party’s Just Begun!’ is the ultimate celebration of Night of the Demons!

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