[Trailer] Freshly Unearthed 1989 Film 'Dial Code Santa Claus' Looks Like a Total Holiday Horror Gem - Bloody Disgusting
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[Trailer] Freshly Unearthed 1989 Film ‘Dial Code Santa Claus’ Looks Like a Total Holiday Horror Gem



What if Home Alone was rated “R”… and featured a murderous Santa Claus?

If you love Christmas horror movies you’ve probably already seen all the hits, but one hidden gem you maybe haven’t yet seen is titled Dial Code Santa Claus (aka Game Over), released in 1989 and available only via VHS bootlegs. That is, until now. American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) and Alamo Drafthouse have unearthed it and they’re bringing it to theaters!

The press release explains, “The film actually pre-dated Home Alone, annihilating a generation of French kids weaned on action-packed Christmastime gems such as Gremlins and Die Hard. It disturbed critics and the moviegoing public with its uncompromising look beneath the surface of the beloved holiday. From there, the film went on to worldwide distribution… except for America, where it had yet to see an official release until now.”

“The film had its North American Premiere this year at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX with director René Manzor in person, where it thrilled audiences and critics alike — “[Dial Code Santa Claus] plays like a blend of classic Amblin and a grindhouse nightmare. To say ‘this shit is nuts’ would be an understatement.” (Jacob Hall, Slash Film).”

Upcoming screenings include:

  • 12/17 (Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake – Denver)
  • 12/17 (AFI Silver – Washington D.C.)
  • 12/18 (Sidewalk Film Fest – Birmingham, AL)
  • 12/19 (Egyptian – Los Angeles)
  • 12/19 (Globe Cinema – Calgary)
  • 12/19 (Boston Underground Film Festival – Boston)
  • 12/19 & 12/23 (Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn – New York)
  • 12/20 (Royal Cinema – Toronto)
  • 12/21 (Alamo Drafthouse – Raleigh, NC)
  • 12/22 (Suns Cinema – Washington D.C.)
  • 12/23 (Frida Cinema – Santa Ana, CA)
  • 12/24 (Alamo Drafthouse Ritz – Austin)
  • 1/9 (Winnipeg Film Group – Winnipeg)
  • 1/19 (Jacob Burns Film Center – Pleasantville, NY)

In Dial Code Santa Claus

“Thomas is a typical 1980s kid: he loves computers, role-playing games, and his dog. While mom is away at the office on Christmas Eve, Thomas and his grandfather are left home alone — perfect timing for a disgruntled, perverted, bloodthirsty Santa Claus to raid the home down the chimney. But Hell hath no fury like a mulleted ten-year-old with an arsenal of toys!.”

Check out the trailer below!

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