[Video] Tons of Crazy Alien Creatures Were Designed for 'The Predator' But Didn't Make It into the Movie - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Tons of Crazy Alien Creatures Were Designed for ‘The Predator’ But Didn’t Make It into the Movie



We have seen TONS of concept drawings and sculptures for various creatures and props that ultimately never made their way into Shane Black’s The Predator (available today on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD!), and the team over at studioADI shares some more unused concept creatures in a must-see video that just went up on their YouTube channel.

As they explain, the film almost featured all kinds of hybrid alien monsters!

“Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s early drafts of the script for The Predator called for a menagerie of alien creatures to break free from the crashed Predator spaceship. The idea was that a rogue group of Predators would extract DNA for their own use from a diverse group of specimens collected from across the galaxy. Our goal was to create designs that would not look like they came from a single source. To get a wide variety of concepts we brought in Brian Wynia, Ken Barthelmey, Luca Nemolato, Jordan Morris, Farzad Varahramyan, Michael Eppinette and Tim Martin.”

“As a side note, Shane and Fred always try to work a spider with a human head into every project they can. They’re like that. Our job was to try to make one look cool!”‘

Meet the creatures from the never-seen “Menagerie” below!

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