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He Initially Didn’t Even Want to Write, But John Krasinski is Now Open to Directing ‘A Quiet Place 2’



Most had expected that Hereditary would end up being the 2018 horror movie with the most awards season recognition this year, but it has actually been John Krasinski‘s A Quiet Place that has been scooping up the big nominations and wins. Krasinski, who co-wrote, directed and starred in the film, is currently penning the sequel, and he *could* end up directing.

As Krasinski just reiterated in an interview with The Playlist, he initially wasn’t even going to return to write the script for A Quiet Place 2, but he now seems open to potentially directing.

Well, I’m currently writing the script, and it was one of those things where I didn’t think I would write or participate in the sequel, to be honest. I was so proud of the first one, and obviously, we didn’t make it a with the intention that there would be a sequel. That said, I’m a realist, and I try to see things from everybody’s point of view, and I certainly understand why a studio would want to make a second one after the movie’s success,” Krasinski told the site. “So, here I am now writing it and we’ll see if I ended up directing it.”

He continued, “But it’s an entertaining idea because I think for me, the cool part about this is, that it doesn’t feel like a sequel. Emily [Blunt] articulated it the best when she said [the sequel is] the second book in the series. It’s just an expansion of a world, and I think that’s the beauty of it. Most sequels or about the return of a villain or a hero, and you have to build a totally new story around your favorite hero or favorite villain. [With this sequel], we actually have the world to deal with. The world is actually the star of the movie. So, these set of circumstance—how the rest of the world is dealing with this apocalyptic tragedy— is the fun of it then. That’s what drew me back.”

I feel like [directing] might be the next step, so I’m prepared for it,” Krasinski added.

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