Katherine Waterston is Up for Doing 'Alien: Covenant' Sequel But Nothing is Currently Happening - Bloody Disgusting
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Katherine Waterston is Up for Doing ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequel But Nothing is Currently Happening



While the Alien franchise continues to expand in the world of comic books and video games, it seems absolutely nothing is happening right now on the film front. And with Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox, many are wondering if the franchise is dead in the water completely. At the very least, it seems likely, Ridley Scott won’t get to finish his prequel trilogy.

In a new chat with The Playlist, Alien: Covenant star Katherine Waterston reiterates what you’re surely already aware of: that planned sequel to Covenant is still lying dormant.

No, basically,” Waterston answered, when the site asked if any conversations had taken place. “I don’t live in Hollywood, and I’m always usually the last person to know even what’s going on in my own career. So, [I’m] probably not the best person to ask. But I did get some sense of where they thought they might like to take it when we were shooting ‘Covenant,’ and it sounded really interesting. I would be absolutely game to do more if they wanted to have me.”

The actress added, “That’s all I know. I’m sure they’ve changed their minds anyway. And there’s been probably loads of different ideas going around and everything. But just in case I spoil something by talking about it, I wouldn’t dare.”

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