This Unused Creature from 'The Predator' Would've Been the Franchise's Ugliest MF'er to Date - Bloody Disgusting
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This Unused Creature from ‘The Predator’ Would’ve Been the Franchise’s Ugliest MF’er to Date



As we’ve noted several times now, Shane Black’s The Predator was at one point going to feature a “menagerie” of hideous hybrid creatures, but the entire concept was ultimately cut from the script. StudioADI recently explained, “Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s early drafts of the script for The Predator called for a menagerie of alien creatures to break free from the crashed Predator spaceship. The idea was that a rogue group of Predators would extract DNA for their own use from a diverse group of specimens collected from across the galaxy.”

Concept artist Kyle Brown just shared yet another one of these unused hybrid creatures over on Instagram, and goddamn would it have been cool to see this bad boy on screen.

Brown explains, “Another design, and I believe one of the last ones I got to work on. Part of the Predator’s menagerie of hybrid creatures. This one was a little bit more of a mutation gone wrong, a bit more A-symmetrical in its design. Kept the textures of the classic predator to sync the different species together.”

Bummer that *none* of this stuff was included in the Blu-ray’s special features package.

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