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Teaser Art: Upcoming Short Film ‘Reanimated’ Will Adapt Lovecraft’s Classic Herbert West Story



Back in 1985, Stuart Gordon brought Herbert West to the screen for the first time in Re-Animator, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West – Reanimator that went on to spawn two sequels. That original short story from Lovecraft was first published many years prior, back in 1922, and nearly 100 years later, a new (short film) adaptation is in the works.

The press release indicates, “By revisiting the source material, Reanimated takes different direction to any other interpretation, exploring the horrifying first few nights of term at the infamous Miskatonic University. Combining high production values with the shocking and offbeat narratives Lovecraft’s work is sought out for, Reanimated is the latest adaptation of the mythos that formed the original shared storytelling universe.”

Director Tom Byrne’s Reanimated focuses on the growing friendship between Charlie Hill (casting to be announced) and his flatmate Herbert West (casting TBA) over the first few nights of a new year at Miskatonic University. Charlie is a first year student who’s ready to party and make life-long friends. Herbert is a mad scientist with other ideas, fixated on resurrecting the dead. As things get freaky, Charlie tries to adjust and despite it all, he’s determined to make friends and enjoy the university experience.

But when Herbert’s experimentation leads to the full reanimation of a cadaver (Gareth Henry) which awakens with a predisposition to killing, Herbert and Charlie are forced to work together to survive the Dead Man’s rampage across the student town.

Check out the teaser art below and follow www.reanimatedmovie.com for updates.

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