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Leigh Whannell Writing ‘Escape from New York’ Remake for Fox!



Escape From New York

Not only is Leigh Whannell (Upgrade) writing and directing a new take on The Invisible Man for Universal Studios, but we’ve learned tonight that he’s also been tapped to script the remake of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York for Fox!

THR reports, “Sources say that while there is no deal for him to direct, the door is open for that possibility.”

“Whannell is kickstarting Escape with a new vision for the project that sources say will retain elements of the original but bring new ideas to the table. One of Whannell’s goals is to avoid the bloated tentpole remake path that afflicted the reboots of other 1980s-era movies such as Robocop and Total Recall.”

Kurt Russell starred as Snake Plissken in the 1981 original, a convicted bank robber sent into Manhattan (now a giant maximum security prison) to save the president of the United States.

Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are producing. John Carpenter is executive producing.

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