A Horror Icon Returns Later This Year in New 'Ring' Film 'Sadako' and We've Got the Teaser and Poster - Bloody Disgusting
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A Horror Icon Returns Later This Year in New ‘Ring’ Film ‘Sadako’ and We’ve Got the Teaser and Poster



Just a couple years after they battled in mashup film Sadako vs. Kayako, two of Japan’s big horror icons are soon returning in both an American-made new take on The Grudge and a new project we’ve just learned about this week, a Japanese film titled Sadako! The film, as you might imagine, will center on the unforgettably terrifying villain from the Ring franchise.

Reported by Moshi Moshi Nippon, Sadako will release in Japan on May 24.

The site details, “The film will star Elaiza Ikeda as the main character Mayu Akigawa, a psychology counselor who gets involved in an incident with Yusuke Ishida, played by Takashi Tsukamoto, who will try to fix it. Hiroya Shimizu will play the part of Mayu’s younger brother Kazuma Akigawa who becomes a YouTuber to try and awaken Sadako’s curse. Himeka Himejima will play Jinko, a mysterious girl who lost her memory and is taken in at the hospital Mayu works at. Renn Kiriyama will play Mayu’s colleague Minori Fujii.”

Check out the poster art and a short teaser video below.

The original Japanese film franchise began with Hideo Nakata’s Ring back in 1998, an adaptation of Koji Suzuki’s tale of a cursed video and a creepy girl in a well, Sadako Yamamura.

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