'Laid to Rest 3: Exhumed' is Coming and YOU Can Get Brutally Killed in the Movie! - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Laid to Rest 3: Exhumed’ is Coming and YOU Can Get Brutally Killed in the Movie!



Like the films or not, you simply can’t deny that Robert Hall’s Laid to Rest movies feature some of the best practical gore effects in modern times, making the two movies (thus far) total must-watches for all gore-hounds. A third film, titled Laid to Rest: Exhumed, was announced a while back, and it looks like production is finally getting set to begin.

Very soon, a fundraising campaign will be launched for the franchise’s third installment over on Indiegogo, and a preview on the site this week teases the perks and details.

Most notably, one of the big perks for helping to fund Laid to Rest 3 will nab you an on-screen kill in the movie, meaning you, yes YOU, will be brutally killed by ChromeSkull!

Hall notes, “From simple pins and shirts to screen used masks, film slates,cameos or even DIE by ChromeSkull’s Knife… If you are a horror fan you cant afford to miss out. All funds go toward director/FX guru Robert Hall’s STELLAR Practical FX magic that made the other two films WTF moments so memorable.”

Head over to Indiegogo to sign up for updates, so you’ll know when the fund launches!

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