[Trailer] Danny Trejo Battles Human-Pig Hybrids in 'Bullets of Justice' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Trailer] Danny Trejo Battles Human-Pig Hybrids in ‘Bullets of Justice’



It sounds like a concept you’d expect to see as a fake trailer in Grindhouse, but Bullets of Justice is real and it’s coming soon. The full set up for the wacky exploitation film? “During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project named ‘Army Bacon’ in order to create super soldiers by breeding human beings with pigs.”

Yes, you read that correctly.

“25 years later a breed called “Muzzles” have occupied the top of the food chain, eating and farming humans like animals. Rob Justice is an ex-bounty hunter working for the last line of human resistance – a group of survivors hiding in a nuclear bunker deep underground. His mission is to find out how muzzles came to power and destroy them.”

The action-horror movie stars Danny Trejo, Timur Turisbekov, Doroteja Toleva, Yana Marinova and Dessy Slavova, and it was directed by Valeri Milev (Wrong Turn 6).

Check out the bonkers teaser trailer below!

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