Patrick Brice Talks 'Creep 3' in New Interview; "We Found an Idea We're Really Excited About" - Bloody Disgusting
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Patrick Brice Talks ‘Creep 3’ in New Interview; “We Found an Idea We’re Really Excited About”



Director Patrick Brice‘s found footage franchise Creep will continue with Creep 3 in the near future, a brand new installment starring Mark Duplass as one of the creepiest dudes in recent horror history. In a new chat this week with Something Ghoulish, Brice teases the return of Josef/Aaron, telling the podcast that the writing process is still underway.

[We] finally found an idea that we’re really excited about,” said Brice. “One of the things we want to keep true with these movies is that they’re… still small scale. Keeping that focus tight. Letting it be something that sort of orbits around Mark’s character. We’ve found something we’re really excited about. We’re still in the process of writing. I can say that.

Brice continued, “It’s a chance for us to do something I haven’t really seen in horror movies, let alone found footage movies.”

As for when it’ll happen, that all hinges on Duplass and Brice’s scheduling.

Between the two of us, in the last year, I made another movie I just got hired to direct another film that is very much a horror film. On a much bigger scale than any of the Creep movies. So I’m really excited about that too. And Mark is doing a million things,” Brice explained. “We’re at the point where, if all goes well, shooting this movie later this year. [We have to] find a pocket in our schedules where we can actually make this movie and do right by it.”

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