Mondo Posters Reimagine Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy" Films in the Style of EC Comics Artwork - Bloody Disgusting
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Mondo Posters Reimagine Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy” Films in the Style of EC Comics Artwork



Collectively, the zombie-comedy Shaun of the Dead, the buddy cop action-comedy Hot Fuzz and the end of the world sci-fi comedy The World’s End make up Edgar Wright‘s “Cornetto Trilogy,” all three films starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. We each have our own personal favorite but it’s probably safe to say we all agree that all three films are a total blast, and this week Mondo celebrates the trilogy with a series of EC Comics-style tribute posters.

Like most Mondo offerings, all three posters (the work of artist Johnny Dombrowski) sold out before we could even write up an article, but we figured you’d like to see them anyway.

The artwork reimagines Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End in the style of retro EC Comics cover art, with Shaun‘s poster based on classic Tales from the Crypt covers.

Did anyone manage to snatch up one (or all) of these in time?!

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