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Machinist! “The Nail” Exclusive Video Premiere



We’ve teamed up with Georgia hardcore punk band Machinist! to bring you the exclusive premiere for their new video “The Nail”. Oozing with atmosphere, the band performs in what appears to be a dilapidated, decaying attic, the floor littered with rotting artifacts. Meanwhile, there’s also a nun that grips her rosary beads so tightly that her hands are coated in blood.

Vocalist Jeff Hill tells BD, “This is definitely a darker bleaker feel than anything we’ve done before. The song is about coming to a realization that something you’ve put so much time and effort into is bullshit. Be it a relationship, a religion, a band or whatever its like finding that the room at the top of the tower is empty after you walked up all those stairs, But at the same time even though you know its shit you stick with it. You’re bound to it. its about trying to get out of that headspace and realizing you accidentally let the door slam shut behind you and now you’re stuck.

You can pick up “The Nail” via Bandcamp.

Co-director Robbie Grantham explains, “When Machinist! reached out to us we knew that we needed to build a dark and disgusting atmosphere to match the frantic nature and lyrical content of the song. Above all, we wanted the video to leave viewers questioning what they’ve watched instead of simply consuming another run-of-the-mill music video.

Machinist! online:

Tour Dates:
July 21 – Valdosta, GA – Ashley Street Station
July 22 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone
July 23 – Norfolk, VA – The Taphouse
July 24 – Philadelphia, PA – The Pharmacy
July 25 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr Roboto
July 26 – Louisville, KY – Highland Taproom
July 28 – Bowling green, KY – Turntable*
July 29 – Nashville, TN – Foobar*
July 30 – Auburn, AL – Derailed Bar
* with deathcard

machinist! 0162 - Mollie Taylor


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