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‘The History of Metal and Horror’ Goes for Crowdfunding Round 2



Back in September of 2015, I posted about a documentary titled The History of Metal and Horror, which goes over the many various ways that the two genres have collided, mixed, collaborated, and fed off each other. It’s a topic that I hold near and dear to my heart because I’m a longtime metalhead as well as a lifelong horror fan, so this is something that is very fascinating to me!

However, it seems that director Mike Schiff’s first foray on Indiegogo didn’t go too well as the crowdfund only raised about a quarter of its $50,000 goal. But that isn’t stopping Schiff, who is on a mission to bring this documentary to the masses. That’s why a second campaign has been launched with a goal of $38,000. It’s still over three times what was originally raised but he’s got two months to make magic happen, which I think is feasible.

The documentary interviewed people from both industries, “…such as Alice Cooper, John Carpenter, Kirk Hammett, Kane Hodder, Dave Mustaine, Bill Moseley, Corey Taylor, Sid Haig, and over 40 more“. There’s also chats with Tom Savini, Claudio Simonetti, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley, and other horror and metal icons.

A promo for the documentary can be seen below and if you want to help then you just have to click on the above link!

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