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Precious Child “Magic is Real” Video Premiere (Exclusive)



Just over a month ago, I premiered the score to the Neil Gaiman documentary Dream Dangerously, which was composed by LA musician Precious Child. I described the music as, “Moody, richly atmospheric, and lushly cinematic“, and I hope that many of you were taken on a beautiful journey with those songs.

Today, Precious Child and Bloody-Disgusting have teamed up yet again, this time to premiere the video for “Magic is Real”, which was directed by Mikki Morrison. It’s basically a series of clips of nature, from the water to the earth to the sky. It’s a hypnotic video that draws you in and reminds you of everything out there that we shouldn’t take for granted, the little things that put a smile on our faces and give us reason to keep going.

This isn’t the kind of premiere we usually do on the site but I figure every once in a while having something that allows your world to slow down and give you a chance to breathe is a welcome opportunity.

You can pre-order Precious Child’s Escape EP via iTunes.

“Magic is Real” was a piece of music that I wrote on my birthday. I was born in the early morning an hour before sunrise and I finished the composition around 3AM. I thought it was perfect for what I felt was of the most important scenes in the documentary- the one that talks about the magic in Neil’s work. I personally experience magic in many ways, but most strongly in the wilderness and in art and music.

For the video, I found Mikki’s visual work online through a mutual friend and loved how she had an eye for the experiences between experiences; the details and split second flashes of beauty in life that we all experience but sometimes ignore. I approached her about collaboration, sent her the song, and asked her to do her thing and capture footage of what she sees. In editing I took it a little further and repositioned clips within the screen to force the viewers eyes to move around and actively look- the same way that she does. The subject matter of my art is generally focused on suffering and pain and vengeance and darkness but here’s my ray of sunshine. The song and video are my gift for people to find magic and beauty.

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