Korn's New Video for "Take Me" Feels Like it Was Pulled From the 90's - Bloody Disgusting
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Korn’s New Video for “Take Me” Feels Like it Was Pulled From the 90’s



Nu-metal band Korn have released a music video for their track “Take Me”, which comes from their latest album The Serenity of Suffering. The clip must’ve been directed by someone who adores 90’s grungy music videos. There’s this feel about the video, from the band playing behind glass panes to those blurry lens flares, that just exudes that decade. It’s not a bad video, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it’s really well produced, the song ain’t half bad, and the final product is a solid release. I must also say that I love the scalpel against the eye gag. Reminds me of Zombi 2!

All this being said, I think Korn’s last video for “A Different World” is far more visually exciting and stands out as the best video for this album. That clip is gruesome, weird, and very surreal, which is everything I usually want from a music video!

The Serenity of Suffering is available now via iTunes.

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