This Absurd Chucky Theme Song Was Made for 'Child's Play' But Not Used - Bloody Disgusting
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This Absurd Chucky Theme Song Was Made for ‘Child’s Play’ But Not Used



Eenie, meenie, miney, mo… my name’s Chucky and here I go!

With brand new film Cult of Chucky headed our way on October 3rd (along with the Chucky 7-Film Collection!), everyone’s favorite pint-sized killer doll is once more a hot topic of discussion here in the horror world. And Chucky must be pretty happy about that, as his own return is upstaging creepy doll Annabelle‘s forthcoming second film!

Many fans are digging up Child’s Play relics from the past to tide themselves over, with one noteworthy example being last week’s exhumation of 11 pieces of unused alternate art for the Child’s Play 3 poster. Along those same lines, Reddit user The_Hanging_Judge just dug up a classic gem that you’ve maybe never known about.

Back in 1988, singer Simon Stokes wrote and performed “The Chucky Song,” an official theme song for Child’s Play that was originally supposed to play over the closing credits. He worked with Joe Renzetti, the film’s composer, on the gloriously ’80s song, which was ultimately axed from the film.

Instead, a Renzetti track without lyrics played over the end credits.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Chucky rap, you’re in luck. Enjoy.

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