'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' Actor Reprises Iconic Role for Warbeast's New Video - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Actor Reprises Iconic Role for Warbeast’s New Video



The weed is family.

The members of metal band Warbeast are clearly huge fans of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as they’ve got a whole song on their new album that’s dedicated to one of its most iconic characters. The song, found on Enter the Arena, is titled “Hitchhiker,” and the lyrics are based on Nubbins Sawyer himself.

For their music video for “Hitchhiker,” Warbeast put together a full-on, nearly twenty-minute tribute to Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which sees the members of the band recreating the opening of the 1974 classic. Coolest of all, the video stars TCM‘s Edwin Neal, reprising the Hitchhiker role after 40+ years!

I’ve actually had this idea of using Ed Neal for a music video for a long time,” vocalist Bruce Corbitt told Metal Injection. “So after we knew for sure that we were going to include a song called “Hitchhiker” on the new Warbeast album, the timing was right to make this old idea become a new reality.”

The lyrics for the song are based on Ed’s character from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” he continued. “But this short film/music video is not related to that movie plot in any way. This is really just a silly script and a band having fun working on our final project together. Ed was a complete professional and great to work with… and we are excited to have him starring in this.”

May not be your cup of tea, but it sure is cool to see Neal playing the Hitchhiker again!