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‘Thriller’ Without Any Music is a Whole New, Wonderful Experience



The creaking and cracking sounds of zombies dancing are weirdly soothing.

It simply wouldn’t be the Halloween season without listening to/watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller, one of the most iconic songs and music videos of all time. The video was a powerhouse collaboration between Jackson, director John Landis, makeup effects artist Rick Baker and narrator Vincent Price, and it’s still untouchable all these years later.

You’ve surely seen the Thriller video countless times, but you’ve probably never watched it without any music. What does that mean, exactly? Well, YouTube’s Red Rhythm painstakingly removed the iconic instrumentals and even Vincent Price’s narration from the video, leaving behind only sound effects and Jackson’s voice.

Why? Well, if nothing more, it’s an interesting experiment that allows you to experience Thriller in a whole new way. Not surprisingly, it’s incredible even without the music!

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