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1987 Album “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” Getting Vinyl Re-release!



If you go to sleep… you will surely meet… up with Freddy.”

One could argue that it was A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors that truly turned Freddy Krueger into a pop culture icon. The franchise’s second sequel, released in 1987, firmly established Freddy as we know and love him today, and oh boy did a whole lot of merchandising come in the wake of its box office success.

Also released in ’87, Freddy’s Greatest Hits was one of the more unique spinoffs from the film franchise. A nine-track novelty album put out by RIC Records on vinyl LP and cassette, Freddy’s Greatest Hits was from the fictional, one-off band The Elm Street Group, and it included a mix of covers and original songs such as “Do the Freddy.”

The album has become increasingly hard to come by, currently selling for no less than $50 on eBay. But have no fear, because it’s getting an affordable new re-release!

Going up for grabs at noon CST this Wednesday, November 22, Mondo and Strange Disc present Freddy’s Greatest Hits on “Freddy Sweater” striped vinyl. Limited to 400 copies, the re-release will be selling for $25, with orders expected to ship January 2018.

“This record contains nine tracks, a mix of covers (from the likes of Wilson Pickett, The Everly Brothers, Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs) and original songs and instrumentals. The album is everything you expect it to be: screaming ’80s drum machines and distortion filled electric guitars being drowned out by synthesizers. Over the top of these songs is Robert Englund doing the voice (and manic laugh) of Freddy Krueger. The actual music-making was done by the Elm Street Group, who were much respected studio musicians working for RIC records. Featuring artists like Kevin Kelly and Alan Brewer who both contributed to Rick Wakeman’s soundtrack for THE BURNING.”

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