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Mashup Song “Ninja Busters” Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good



Need a Monday pick-me-up? This should do the trick.

If bustin’ makes you feel good, then Ecto Crank’s new mashup track “Ninja Busters” will make you feel, well, like, really goddamn good. The track mashes together Ray Parker Jr’s iconic Ghostbusters theme song with the theme from the 1990 Ninja Turtles movie!

After re-reading IDW’s fantastic Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles/Ghostbusters crossover comic book series I became inspired to do a little crossing over of my own,” Ecto Crank explains. “For this one I knew I had to team Ray Parker Jr’s immortal ‘Ghostbusters’ with the opening track from the 1990 Turtles move; John Du Prez and David Frank’s cowabunga classic ‘Turtle Rhapsody’.”

He adds, “This one is much more of a stereotypical mash-up than ‘Thrillerbusters’ which gave me a lot more freedom to create something intrinsically more original.”

Listen to “Ninja Busters” on Ecto Crank’s site, where you’ll also find “Thrillerbusters”!


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