Heads Explode In Nekrogoblikon's Splatter-fueled Music Video! - Bloody Disgusting
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Heads Explode In Nekrogoblikon’s Splatter-fueled Music Video!



Music video director Brandon Dermer has reteamed with Nekrogoblikon to once again to spill even more blood, this time with the help of Metalocalypse‘s Brendon Small!

Nekrogoblikon’s latest music video, “Dressed as Goblins”, is jam-packed with goblins (well, duh), telekinesis, and exploding heads in an homage to David Cronenberg’s Scanners. The song appears on Nekrogoblikon’s next album, Welcome to Bonkers, which is set for release on April 13 (pre-order).

While Dermer directed Nekrogoblikon’s must-see splatterfest “No One Survives” music video, Small took the helm this time around with Dermer executive producing:

“I’ve liked this character for a long time and was excited to put this poor goblin through some emotional family brutality,” Small told Bloody Disgusting. “I wanted to tell a pretty ambitious story and I feel like I crammed a half-hour TV script into 5 minutes.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to get behind the camera and explore more practical effects with this video,” he added. “After the all-practical-FX sci-fi Galaktikon video, I wanted to play with grounded human emotions (albeit through a Goblin going through a crisis).

Small, who wrote and directed the video, added: “This to me is tipping my hat to Tony Scott, David Chase, and a small helping of Dario Argento and David Cronenberg!”


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