Death Waltz Previews 'The Evil Dead Reimagined' Vinyl Soundtrack with Bruce Campbell Liner Notes! - Bloody Disgusting
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The score to one of the greatest horror films of all time has been newly “reimagined” for an upcoming vinyl release, Death Waltz Recording Co. teased over the weekend. They note that the release, titled The Evil Dead – A Nightmare Reimagined, is coming VERY soon.

Joe LoDuca, who scored all the original Evil Dead films, has gone back to the ’81 classic and not only re-recorded the original score but he has also composed all new music for the film.

You may remember that Death Waltz and Mondo released a 7″ single in October 2016 from LoDuca’s “reimagined” score, but this will be the complete record for the very first time. Death Waltz notes that the release will include liner notes from Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert and Joe LoDuca himself. Check out Graham Humphreys’ release art below, while we wait for more!

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