Fan's Cover Reimagines Iconic 'The Exorcist' Theme in the Style of Sega Genesis - Bloody Disgusting
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Fan’s Cover Reimagines Iconic ‘The Exorcist’ Theme in the Style of Sega Genesis



One of the single most iconic pieces of film music is Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells,” which was of course masterfully used by William Friedkin in The Exorcist. The instrumental track was subsequently featured in a few episodes of Fox’s just-cancelled “The Exorcist” television series, reminding that it’s as effective today as it ever was.

This being the 45th anniversary of the horror classic and all, Reddit’s EC2151 just recorded his own cover of “Tubular Bells,” reimagining it in the style of a Genesis game!

He explains, “It was tough because Oldfield wrote the piece in many weird time-sigs. Sussing out some of the melodies/rhythms made me want to throw someone out a window down some stairs at some point. In my head I can imagine the beyond-the-breaking point liberties taken with the script – Level 3: Frs. Merrin and Karras must travel to Iraq to obtain the stone heart of Pazuzu. Time is running out…

Listen below and imagine the Sega Genesis game that sadly never was.

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