"Knock Knock, Let the Devil In": You Can Now Stream Eminem's Original Song for 'Venom' - Bloody Disgusting
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“Knock Knock, Let the Devil In”: You Can Now Stream Eminem’s Original Song for ‘Venom’



It’s always fun when movies get their own official tie-in tracks, and as we recently learned, Eminem has put one together for this year’s Venom. It’s titled, well, “Venom.”

The song can be found on Eminem’s new album, “Kamikaze,” as well as the official soundtrack for Venom. As of today, you can now stream the track in full, free of charge.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer explained the unexpected collaboration to Fandango earlier this week, telling the site: “[Eminem] reached out to us, and is a huge Venom fan, and made the track for the movie. We were beyond thrilled. It’s a really incredible song. To be able to have him be a part of the movie is really exciting.”

Head over to Spotify, Pandora or Apple Music to listen to the song, which can also be purchased through Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

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