[Video] Watch Thom Yorke Play the Track "Open Again" From His 'Suspiria' Soundtrack - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Watch Thom Yorke Play the Track “Open Again” From His ‘Suspiria’ Soundtrack



I currently find myself obsessed with Thom Yorke‘s soundtrack for Suspiria, (I’ve listened to “Suspirium,” in particular, at least 30 times this week), which is a testament to just how talented Yorke is. After all, *nothing* can compare to Goblin’s score for the original Suspiria, so the fact that Yorke came up with a whole new one to fall in love with is quite something.

There was a time when fans of Argento’s original balked at the idea of any score other than Goblin’s being used for any film titled Suspiria, but man did Yorke prove us wrong, eh?

In any event, if you love the soundtrack as much as I do, you can check out a video below of Yorke performing the track “Open Again” during a Suspiria radio session. Enjoy!

Over on Spotify, you can stream the soundtrack in full. Or grab a physical copy on vinyl.

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