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Kyle Reese VS The Machines In A 6 Page ‘Terminator: 2029’ Issue #2 Preview!



I would say based on the near sell-out success of the first issue in Dark Horse Comics’ newest “TERMINATOR” monthly it is safe to assume that the fan-base is still as healthy as it ever was. (Take the McG!) So for all my fellow “TERMINATOR” junkies out there i present to you the first 6 pages of the second issue in the publisher’s “2029” arc that doesn’t even go on-sale until the 28th. Never say we don’t give you nice things. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Zack Whedon
INKS BY: Dan Jackson
COVERS BY: Massimo Carnevale

“In the barely-remembered time before the Terminators, the life of a young woman key to humanity’s survival depends on the actions of Kyle Reese in present-day 2029. But Kyle may not live long enough to help Sarah Conner if he and his companions Ben and Paige can’t escape Skynet’s terrifying new weapon-Terminators that look just like people!

Guided by information about a hidden Cyberdyne facility, the three friends must brave T-800s, HKs, rogue resistance gangs, and other threats in their search for any advantage against the machines. What they can’t anticipate is the nature of the incredible resource hidden within the facility’s walls!”

“TERMINATOR: 2029” Issue #2 Drops April 28th From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP-$3.50)


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