War is Declared And The Predators Are Out For Blood In This 'Three World War' Issue 4 Preview! - Bloody Disgusting
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War is Declared And The Predators Are Out For Blood In This ‘Three World War’ Issue 4 Preview!



For the past few issues Dark Horse has teased the coming of an all out war between the marines and the Predators in their “ALIEN VS PREDATORS: THREE WORLD WAR” spin-off, and next Wednesday it looks like the moment is finally here. Inside you can read the first 4 pages of the issue that pits man VS Predator VS Alien and get all the skinny. Read on for the preview.

WRITTEN BY: Randy Stradley
INKS BY: Mark Pennington
COLORS BY: Wes Dzioba
COVER ART BY: Raymond Swanland

“This time it’s war! The forces of the shaky alliance between the “hunter” Predators and Colonial Marines hits the beachhead established on the former colony world of Caparis VII by the enemy Predator clan and the Alien warriors under their control. No quarter is asked, and none is given as the Marines and the Hunters intend to destroy their foes, and the Aliens and their Predator masters are fighting for their lives. But as the attack unfolds, Machiko Noguchi suspects that the allies have made a fateful blunder-and no one in command will listen to her warning!”

“ALIEN VS PREDATOR: THREE WORLD WAR” Issue #4 Drops Next Wednesday From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP-$3.50)


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