OMFG Of The Day: Ron Marz To Lay Down The 'Witchblade' After Issue #150! - Bloody Disgusting
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OMFG Of The Day: Ron Marz To Lay Down The ‘Witchblade’ After Issue #150!



In a surprise move announced today, long time “WITCHBLADE” scribe Ron Marz publicly announced that he will be parting ways with the series later this year to coincide with the release of issue #150 in November. The writer, who has been part of the series since 2004, had this to say about the move in his official statement, which hit the web just this afternoon…

Issue #150 of “Witchblade” will be my last on the title. When #150 ships later this year, it will be my 71st consecutive issue of “Witchblade,” in addition to various specials and minis that have spun out of the series. Stjepan Sejic, my artistic partner on the series since issue #116, will also be departing.

Stjepan and I will be moving over to another Top Cow project together. Can’t tell you what that project is yet — it’s a secret! — but it’s something old and something new, and we’re both looking forward to it quite a bit. I’ll also be chipping in on Stjepan’s epic fantasy, “Ravine,” which contains some of his most stunning artwork ever. So this is by no means the end of our collaboration.

The reason I’m stepping away from “Witchblade” really boils down to this: something had to go. There are just too many things on my plate, and in the interest of making my deadlines and keeping my sanity, I needed to let go of a book. I’m staying on the “Magdalena” monthly. That’s a book I’ve wanted to write for, literally, years, and I’m committed to it for the long term. The schedule on “Magdalena” has gotten snarled since last year’s launch — the reasons why, the effect on sales and the ways to fix it will be the basis of a future column. But we’re banking issues and will be back on a regular schedule.”

Marz’s Full Statement Can Be Read Over At Comic Book Resources

Besides his departure from “WITCHBLADE”, Marz also made it clear that he would continue donating his full-time services to his other series, “SHINKU” From Image Comics) and “MAGDALENA” (From Top Cow Comics).

“WITCHBLADE” Issue #150 Drops On This November From Top Cow Comics!


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