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TECH N9NE Shares His Favorite Horror Movies With BD



Tech N9ne is at home in the dark. On his latest album, K.O.D., Tech conjures all sorts of demonic rhymes that’d get any club in Hell bumpin’. On “Demons,” he and Three 6 Mafia count off all kinds of creatures of the night, while “Shadows on the Road” is a tense psychedelic burner of a track. Tech’s dubbed himself the “King of Darkness,” and he’s definitely worthy of that moniker for hip hop.

Given his love for all things strange, Tech shared his favorite horror movies with in this exclusive interview. Check them out below and pick up K.O.D. in stores now!

1. Halloween

For many different reasons, my number one favorite horror movie is Halloween II. I love the way it’s shot, and I love the way the synthesizer sounds on the score. Whatever keyboard John Carpenter composed the Michael Myers theme with is perfect. The whole plot is perfect too! I love how some of the movie takes place in a scary ass hospital. It’s so beautiful the way they show Haddonfield, Illinois. Starting and ending the film with “Mr. Sandman” still gives me chills. It’s such a happy song, but it’s so creepy in this setting. The way John Carpenter put the whole movie together amazes me. Halloween II is my favorite of all time!

Read on for the rest of the list! 2. 30 Days of Night

My favorite vampire movie used to be Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but now 30 Days of Night took its place. I think it’s brilliant that somebody would be so thoughtful as to put these vampires in a place like Barrow, Alaska where there are actually “30 Days of Night.” Wouldn’t that be a perfect place for a vampire to feed without worrying about sleep or anything? The vampires don’t need a cave or anything to sleep in because of that complete darkness. They can feed for 30 days, and I think that’s wonderful.

3. Evil Dead 2

My favorite zany horror flick is Evil Dead 2. Sam Raimi is awesome! I saw this back in the day when I was younger. Evil Dead was actually scary, and Evil Dead 2 was zany as hell. I don’t really watch Army of Darkness though. Evil Dead 2 is definitely my favorite gory zany film

4. High Tension

High Tension really fucked with me! It’s really gory. It was made overseas, and it’s another horror flick that I freak with.

5. Friday the 13th Pt. 5: A New Beginning

I think this was the best Friday the 13th movie. Tommy (Corey Feldman) was young when he actually killed Jason. This takes place when Tommy’s in his mid-20s and he has to go to the psychiatric ward in the woods. It’s just perfect! Even Dudley from Different Strokes [Shavar Ross] was in this one [Laughs].

6. The Midnight Meat Train

I just had my birthday at the beginning of November. A lot of my fans got me really nice gifts, and a lot of the gifts were DVDs. My fans know I love horror! I’m not a horrorcore rapper. I rap my life, but I love horror movies. I’m really into darkness. One fan got me The Midnight Meat Train by Clive Barker. I just watched it the other day, and man it was fucked up! The way it ended…I was like, “What the fuck?” I thought it was going to be some hitman shit, but it wasn’t [Laughs]. Clive Barker’s crazy as a motherfucker! It was good, but it was weird!

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