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Original BIOHAZARD Lineup To Hit The Studio Next Month



Biohazard was always a guilty pleasure of mine, I’d blast Urban Discipline in my car but for some reason would always turn it down as soon as I hit my high school parking lot and put on something like Symbolic by Death instead. Now quite a few years later I’m secure enough in my metal-manhood to say yeah big deal, I was just singing along to 5 Blocks To The Subway. Biohazard might not be shredding riffs and tearing faces of with insane drum fills, but their blend of punk/hardcore/metal was always something different that I appreciated.

biohazard reuinion

Evan Seinfeld is taking a break from his porn-star alter ego “Spyder Jonez” to meet up with Billy Graziadei, Danny Schuler and Bobby Hambel and record the first new Biohazard studio album since 2005. They’ll be entering Los Angeles’ Underground Sounds Studio on January 19th.

This new Biohazard album is due in the summer of 2010, read on for statements from Evan Seinfeld about the reunion and upcoming album. “BIOHAZARD and our 4 diverse, yet equal and integral parts converge upon our LA Underground Sound studio and resurrect our patented “meat grinder” writing process,” says Biohazard bassist Evan Seinfeld. “Each guy brings something – riffs, lyrics, concepts, songs, melodies, chants – and we get in a room and hammer it out. I have personally missed this process over the last years but having Bobby back in the band has brought back some extra fire that has helped remind all of us what the Brooklyn style is all about. The process is exhausting, humbling, magical and empowering all at the same time. One of the songs we wrote in our first “round” of this battle, ‘Vengeance Is Mine’, we just played in all of Europe, London, and Moscow and went over so well live, that I am sure we are on the right track.”


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