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VH1 Revisits and Updates Metallica’s Behind The Music



A lot has happened since Lars Ulrich took on Napster and all the 13 year olds downloading his music and stealing food out of his kids mouths! And VH1 wants you to know about it. Metallica is one of the bands getting an updated episode of Behind The Music. Other bands to get the treatment are Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, John Lennon and Genesis. The series starts up again February 6th at 9pm est. The original Metallica episode aired in 1998, and this updated version will feature new interviews, concert and award show clips. Metallica won Grammy’s for 2004’s St Anger and 2009’s My Apocalypse. For a primer on all Lars Ulrich accomplished with fighting Napster, feel free to view South Park’s “Christian Rock Hard” episode, Weird Al Yankovic’s “Don’t Download This Song” or MC Lars “Hurricane Fresh” or “Download This Song”. VH1 will most likely give a far more watered down version, and in the spirit of fair and equal reporting, get all sides of the story.

On the same night at 11pm est VH1 also brings back “That Metal Show”. Upcoming guests include Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. “That Metal Show” is now entering it’s fourth season.  

For more information, visit the official Behind The Music website:


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