Album Review: Triptykon 'Eparistera Daimones' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Triptykon ‘Eparistera Daimones’



A few weeks ago saw the release of Triptykon’s debut album, ‘Eparistera Daimones’, the first original work from Tom Gabriel Warrior since Celtic Frost’s ‘Monotheist’ came out in 2006. Those of you who may not know metal history should know that Tom G. is widely considered to be one of the founders of the death metal growing vocal style. Through Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and now with Triptykon, Tom G. is able to give fans and listeners some of the most evil sounding music out there. 

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“Satan! Savior! Father!” These are the first lyrics you hear in the first song, ‘Goetia’, and boy does it immediately set the mood. The song starts out with a single overdriven guitar that plays single notes that delay into obscurity, creating an atmosphere that is foreboding and unsettling. When the lyrics come in, Tom G. almost snarls them into the microphone, sounding somewhat like a demon himself, delivering the most unholy of messages. The song shifts from fast, double bass tempos to slow, pounding rhythms and has evil chromatic riffs that are punctuated with well-timed accents. 
The production on this album is very solid yet has an almost aged quality about it. It’s a bit hard to describe but something about how the instruments sound calls to mind some 90’s and even early 00’s black/death metal albums. The drums sound very organic and are mixed very well, complementing the thick, crushing guitars. Tom G.’s vocals are mixed in maybe just the slightest bit too soft as I found myself struggling to understand him sometimes when he sang with clean vocals. When, in later tracks, keys come into play, they sound natural and pleasant. Also, the addition of angelic vocals from Simone Vollenweider (who also sang on ‘Monotheist’) adds a striking contrast to the demonic vocals of Tom G. 
This is an album that I have to be in a very special mood to want to hear. I need to want a bleak, terrifying landscape to aurally assault me. I need to want to feel evil wash over me with each song. The only real way to describe it is that this is the music that I would expect to hear should I ever find myself being sacrificed to Satan. 
4 out of 5 skulls. 


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