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Exclusive Interview: Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree



While on tour for their album, ‘The Incident’, I had a chance to catch up with Colin Edwin, bassist of British prog-rock band Porcupine Tree. We sat down to discuss how the tour is going, what were some funny stories that happened on tour, how the various members side projects are going and what some of Colin’s favorite horror movies are. Check the interview below and let me know what you think!

Read on for my review of the concert at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit, Michigan.

This was not the first time I’ve seen Porcupine Tree. Nor was it the second. I think this was the fifth or sixth time that I’ve seen them. The first time was back in 2003 when Porcupine Tree, touring in support of ‘In Absentia’ (see retro review HERE), opened up for Opeth who was touring in support of Damnation. It was a phenomenal concert that solidified my appreciation and admiration for the band even though the rest of the crowd seemed intent on hearing Opeth. Since that show, Porcupine Tree has been the headliner for every concert I’ve attended. For this performance, Bigelf was the opener and they played a great set that was a solid build-up for Porcupine Tree.
With each time I’ve seen Porcupine Tree their sets become more and more diverse, stretching over their long and varied discography, and this show didn’t disappoint in that area at all. I believe it was the first time I’d heard ‘Russia On Ice’ since that first Porcupine Tree show I’d seen in ’03. Admittedly, they only played the first half of the song, but it was still a treat. The also played the middle section of ‘Anesthetize’, which is my favorite part.
Starting off with the entire first disc of The Incident, one of the first things I noticed was how much more complex the visual aspect of the show was. With each Porcupine Tree concert I attend, I notice how the production aspect of the show increases. New lights, new videos (I even remember when they started adding video) and more create an amazing atmosphere that never detracts from the impact and the emotion of the music.
Each member, including touring staple John Wesley on guitars, was right on point even through the complex polyrhythms and time signature changes. Gavin Harrison wowed the crowd many times with his intricate drumming. Steven Wilson was also having fun with the crowd, making little jokes here and there in between songs. The pit at the Fillmore was seating only and Steven questioned the crowd as to why they were sitting down during the whole performance of ‘The Incident’, saying, ”C’mon guys, this is a rock and roll show! Get up!”. 
As Porcupine Tree progresses and changes with each album, so do they progress and change visually with their performances. If you missed them on this tour, make sure to check them out the next time they come around. You will not be disappointed.


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